‘If I Stay’ Deleted Scene Nov 17

Teen.com has exclusively posted a deleted scene from If I Stay which features Liana and Chloe. You’ll also be able to watch this and tons of other great bonus features when the film comes out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow!

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New Film: ‘Life At These Speeds’ Nov 17

It appears that Liana has booked a new film! According to IMDB, it is a relatively low-budget film called Life At These Speeds. A short synopsis is below:

A moving story about forgiveness and hope, it follows a teenager from the Heartland who loses his best friends in an accident and channels his grief into running, becoming a high school track star.

She will be playing a character called Henny, and co-starring alongside Sam Rockwell, Melanie Lynskey, and Aimee Teegarden. Liana begins filming today from what I understand, in Mississippi. That is all I know for now, but hopefully we will see more about it soon!

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Los Angeles Confidential Magazine’s October Issue Launch Party Oct 24

Liana went out to support her Best of Me costar James Marsden at Los Angeles Confidential Magazine’s launch for their October Men’s issue, which he hosted. I just finished adding pictures to the gallery, be sure to have a look!

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Apple Talk: ‘The Best of Me’ Oct 22

Remember the Meet the Filmmakers event at the Apple Store in Soho that The Best of Me cast took part in last week? The entire event is now available as podcasts to view and listen to on iTunes. Click here to go to the page where you can download the podcasts!

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ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards Oct 22

Monday night in LA, ELLE Magazine’s Women in Hollywood Awards/Celebration was held, with Liana in attendance. Photos are already in the gallery. She posed for photos with one of my favorite actresses and an honoree at the event, Jennifer Garner! I hope to add some HQs later on today or tomorrow!

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The New Potato: ‘The Best Of Me Star’ On Pancakes & Rooftop Rain Kisses Oct 20

Liana was interviewed and photographed for The New Potato while in New York. Check out the interview below, and the photoshoot in the gallery!

There’s something to be said about autumn romance; the start of fall and pending holidays make us all feel somewhat warm and fuzzy. Perusing the West Village with a loved one, going apple picking, curling up with a Nicholas Sparks book; there’s a plethora of options. We picked Nicholas Sparks this weekend, whose new movie The Best of Me, hit theaters Friday. We sat down with one of its stars—Liana Liberato—who plays the young Amanda (and somewhat melts our hearts in the process). Liberato chatted with us on perfect first dates, beauty routines and why her rooftop rain kiss with Luke Bracey was the most memorable moment on set…

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

I’d probably start off with some chocolate chip pancakes, because breakfast is my favorite meal. Then the rest of the day I love to indulge in all sorts of veggies. I love all vegetables.

What are five things you’re coveting right now?

Champagne sugar perfume from Sula, an iPhone 6, unlimited Sprinkles cupcakes, endless dinners at Café Gratitude, and some high-top white Converse.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

I’m a freak when it comes to my skin and teeth. I’m a flosser! I’m also not one to wear too much makeup. It takes me a maximum of ten minutes to get ready for the day.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I grew up with my parents giving me really healthy food, so I kind of have a craving for salads and veggies. I think it’s just really important to listen to your body, but also never be afraid to splurge a little.

What was it like working with Nicholas Sparks on The Best of Me?

It was so much fun. It was one of the most gratifying filming experiences I’ve had in a long time. We had so much fun filming and the set was always very laid back and goofy.

Would you call yourself a romantic? Why or why not?

Sure! I’d hate to ever let go of the idea of something super romantic happening in my future. I don’t think anyone should expect less than a fairytale.

Most memorable moment on set…

That rooftop rain kiss. It was very surreal. Me and Luke Bracey would look at one another and just go, “We’re in a Nick Sparks movie!”

Do you have a favorite first date? What was it and why was it special?

Oh my. I have an embarrassing one! On my first date I went to California Pizza Kitchen and halfway through the meal my date pointed out that I had a bunch of basil in my teeth.

What are your favorite cities for food? What restaurants do you go to in each?

Montreal! They smother everything in brie cheese. The best part about going there is walking around Old Montreal and finding small little hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Words to act by…

Never settle. Know your worth.

Do you have a favorite workout? What is it and why?

I’m really into SoulCycle. I just started going and it’s so much fun. I forget I’m even working out because the music is so cool.

Any strange pre and post shoot routines? What are they?

Post shooting I always go back to Texas for awhile to be with my family. It’s a nice way to wind down and go back to normal life.

What’s on your playlist always?

True Love by Coldplay

What’s on your Netflix always?

Currently binge watching Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Never regret anything you once cared about.

If you could host a dinner party with any five people living or dead who would be there? What would you cook?

Michelle Williams, Julie Andrews, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and David Schwimmer. And I would probably slap a couple of steaks on the grill! Barbecues are always fun.


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